Anonymous asked: hiç interrail yaptınız mı?

çok geç bir cevap olacak sanırım, üzgünüm görmedim. 

hayır ne yazık ki yapmadım, hayalim olmasına rağmen. 

(ama bu yaz Avrupa’da biri kısa biri uzun mesafe tren kullanarak ucundan kıyısından bu hayalimi gerçekleştirmeyi düşünüyorum.)

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i know, this one is pretty depressing.

Looking in to Bristol Temple Meads Old Station. Platform 12 on the left, Platform 14 on the right.
Birmingham - Bristol: Portrait Of A Famous Midland Route Part Two: Cheltenham to Bristol and Bath © Unknown
Platform 15, a rarely photographed location.
© Richard Hoskin
"stations on my mind turned 2 today!"
i am not a dedicated person, i can give up from everythin easily but even i am not active last couple months, i still feel excited about this blog. 
this blog is special for me. trains are too, of course. 

Japan Rail Pass

Gare du Nord (or Paris Nord), built between 1861 and 1864, is the busiest railway station in Europe. It’s the main station for trains to North France and also for the Eurostar from London, Lille and Brussels. It runs both TGV trains and SNCF trains.

Elevated Tracks, Chicago